Terms of sale

Seller's address

Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA
Courriel : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicable law

tempuscollector exclusively sells on Canadian territory and only Canadian law applies.

Every order addressed to tempuscollector by any means implies the acceptation without reservation of these conditions. It is the responsibility of every client to get acquainted with the terms of sale of tempuscollector before placing an order.

Both parts will attempt to resolve amicably every litigation or contestation pertaining to the resolution of the sale.

Les parties tenteront de résoudre à l'amiable les litiges de toute nature ou les contestations relatives à la formation ou à l'exécution de la vente. A défaut d'accord, seuls seront compétents les Tribunaux du siège de tempuscollector - Gestion Geneen Inc.

Product presentation

Characteristics of the products available for sale are presented on the internet website http://www.tempuscollector.com (henceforth called "the site"). Photographs do not enter into contractual field. tempuscollector cannot be held liable for any error that may be present in them, nor for tpographical errors.

tempuscollector reserve the right to proceed at any time to any modification deemed useful to any of its products, and without obligation to modify any formerly ordered or delivered product, it reserves the right to modify without notice the models in the site descriptions.

Offer validity duration

Products, event those benefiting from a special price, are proposed for sale until they're out of stock. We make every effort to remove any product of our site in case of stock depletion. If not the case, the client will be informed of the unavailability of the product in the best possible delays if he already ordered the product.

Product pricing

Sales prices of products are in Canadian Dollars, taxes not included. Provincial and federal taxes apply. Sales price do not include shipping charges. If applicable, shipping charges will be added to sale price of products and/or services. Shipping charges vary in function of the number and type of products ordered. The client will always be informed before the final filing of his order of the shipping charges applicable to his order, and payment will be asked for the total amount of the transaction. Thus, choice and validation of a payment method by the client imply his agreement to pay for the applicable shipping charges. Shipping charges cannot be considered a reasonable reason to question the order after its final registration.


In case of bank card payment, the client validates his order when he clicks on the " validate " link on the page " Secure bank card payment ". He implicitly accepts the payment process and the current terms of sale.

When the payment is made by check, the order and the present terms of sale are validated upon reception of the payment accompanied with the invoice printed from the website. If the client does not have a printer, he can still accompany hus payment with a plain paper stating all informations appearing on the screen.

tempuscollector confirms the order by e-mail, this confirmation confirms all elements of the order. The data recorded by tempuscollector constitute the proof of the nature, the contents and the date of the order.

Personal data confidentiality

All personal data concerning you (name, addresses, telephone numbers, courriel, IP of your computer...), that you would have communicated to us by the means of the site www.tempuscollector.com will never be communicated to third parties. This information will not be used without your agreement, we will only use them to address e-mails or mails to you.

Filing of transactions

The filing of the purchase orders and the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy.

Delivery time

The delivery periods are indicated as an indication. The treatment of any order is made as soon as possible. Forwardings are treated by the services of Canada Post. In the majority of the cases, these deadlines are respected according to the normal operation of the services of Canada Post. Canada Post has its own delivery terms.

The delivery times can in no case be used as a reason to demand any damages compensation, or any reserve or cancellation of the pending orders. The risks related to transport are supported by the purchaser who, in the event of damage and/or of missing material noted at the time of the reception, will carry out all the usual demands near the conveyor and within a time of 24h the Customer service will inform the customer services of tempuscollector by:

e-mail or mail adressed to our headquarters :

Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Tour CIBC - Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA
courriel : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delivery charges

Delivery charges (parcels expedited using Canada Post) are offered by tempuscollector.

Disclaimer of liability

TemousAmerica cannot be held liable for any loss of damage, direct, indirect or particular attributed to a late delivery. tempuscollector is not responsible for delivery misses caused by a change of address. Every change of address must be notified by e-mail at the following address and confirmed by our customer service department by e-mail reply. Only shippings covered with a partial or total insurance can give right to a replacement or refund of the contents.

Payment and Data security

tempuscollector uses the best tools to guarantee the safety of your personal data and your financial transactions on line using the VIPROOT.net security system.

tempuscollector is thus committed to preserve and be protect the confidentiality of all these data. tempuscollector respects the privacy of every user.

tempuscollector accepts transactions by bank cards Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Interac On line, Discover as well as the certified bank cheques bank (to the account Gestion Geneen Inc. - 1155, Bd René Lévesque Ouest - Bureau 2500 - Montréal - H3B 2K4 - CANADA).

The financial transactions on the site of tempuscollector are carried out exclusively in Canadian Dollars. Taxes are exigible inside Canada, the system of invoicing of tempuscollector answers Canadian specifications in term of governmental and provincial taxes.

Once your order sent by Internet, it is treated as soon as possible. You will receive an e-mail confirmation recapitulating your order and the time of sending of your purchases.

We invite you to preserve this e-mail as a purchase trace, it could be required in the case a return of goods is needed. The invoice is printable from the website in PDF format as a validation of the order.

Intellectual property

All texts and images presented on this website are reserved, for an intellectual property and author's right point of view, and are protected by copyright laws. Reproduction, even partial, is forbidden without a formal agreement issued by tempuscollector first.

Force majeure

tempuscollector cannot be held liable for for failure or delay in fulfilling its obligations due to any causes beyond its control. In any such case, tempuscollector has no obligation to inform the customer about this incapacity. Furthermore, in this case, the latter will not be able to cancel its order or to initiate any procedure of compensation against tempuscollector.


For any information, question or complaint, the customer can contact the customer service :

Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


tempuscollector ofers its customers a commercial warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products, without any further responsibility being pursuable in any manner.

This guarantee extends to operation of the mechanical movement or quartz module, excluding the battery, the bracelet, glass and case (for gildings inferior to 3 microns). After repair, a new guarantee identical to the first, in particular in term of duration and conditions, starts again for the replaced or repaired parts.

tempuscollector cannot be held responsible in the event of bad handling for its products. The list of following cases, for which the guarantee does not take place to be applied, is not exhaustive:

in the event of deterioration resulting from accidents
in the event of repairs made from anyone else but of the services of tempuscollector
in the event of presence of rust in the movement of non waterproof watches.

The expenses of return related to the application of the commercial guarantee are the responsibility of the shipper, whereas the expenses of sendings after repair which are the responsibility of tempuscollector. The After Sale Service of tempuscollector is the only one being able to carry out the repair of the materials and products under guarantee. Defective products returned within the framework of this guarantee must be shipped to :

Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA

Order cancelling

The customer has seven days (if the seventh day expires one Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, the time is extended until the first next business day) as from the delivery to turn over the product, the expenses of return being his responsibility. He is then refunded the price of the product as soon as possible starting from date of the reception of the product in the buildings of tempuscollector. However, any incomplete, damaged or defective products due to a bad handling turned over will neither be taken again nor exchanged.

Defective products

In the event of defect of a product bought at tempuscollector, tempuscollector is committed to exchanging it against another specimen of the same model provided that the product is turned over to tempuscollector in the fifteen days following the date of of the aforesaid purchase, accompanied by the invoice or a proof of purchase. If the model is inalienable, tempuscollector will grant to you a credit for the amount of the defective product to put forward on the next purchase at tempuscollector.

After Sales Service

tempuscollector has its Service After Sale in Montreal for an incomparable effectiveness and a speed. Our Service After Sale repairs all brands of watches, clocks and alarm clocks. For the old models of Lip watches please consult us with individually. tempuscollector ensures a guarantee of 1 year on all the models of watches.

After Sales Services:
tempuscollector.com Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.