Tempuscollector ofers its customers a commercial warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products, without any further responsibility being pursuable in any manner.

This guarantee extends to operation of the mechanical movement or quartz module, excluding the battery, the bracelet, glass and case (for gildings inferior to 3 microns). After repair, a new guarantee identical to the first, in particular in term of duration and conditions, starts again for the replaced or repaired parts.

tempuscollector cannot be held responsible in the event of bad handling for its products. The list of following cases, for which the guarantee does not take place to be applied, is not exhaustive:

in the event of deterioration resulting from accidents
in the event of repairs made from anyone else but of the services of tempuscollector
in the event of presence of rust in the movement of non waterproof watches.

The expenses of return related to the application of the commercial guarantee are the responsibility of the shipper, whereas the expenses of sendings after repair which are the responsibility of tempuscollector. The After Sale Service of tempuscollector is the only one being able to carry out the repair of the materials and products under guarantee. Defective products returned within the framework of this guarantee must be shipped to :

Gestion Geneen Inc.
1155, Bd. René Lévesque Ouest
Bureau 2500
Montréal - Québec - H3B 2K4 - CANADA